The flight instructor pilot position

To integrate the position of Instructor Pilot at ASTONFLY, the necessary qualifications are required to perform the following three specific functions:

  • FI (Flight Instructor),
  • CRI (Class Rating Instructor),
  • IRI (Instrument Rating Instructor),

The pilot instructor (FI/CRI/IRI) works in a team and must deliver a quality service in order to satisfy ASTONFLY’s customers. His/her main missions are to :

  • Carry out flight missions including practical instruction on aircraft (practical flight course) and aerial work,
  • Provide theoretical courses, simulator hours, briefing/debriefing, production of teaching supports and documentation updates.

Profile and skills

To apply for the position of Instructor Pilot, it is necessary to:

  • Have a successful first experience,
  • Demonstrate responsibility and autonomy,
  • Be reactive, dynamic and always looking for customer satisfaction,

Furthermore, in order to exercise these functions, it is essential to be holder of:

  • Professional Pilot License (CPL-A),
  • FI, FI/IRI or FI/IRI/CRI Instructor rating,
  • Instrument flight rating (IR SE and IR ME),
  • Class rating on single engine piston (SEP) and multi engine piston (MEP) aircraft,
  • Operational language proficiency in English (level 5 minimum).

No offer is currently available for this job.