Clair Group, groupe aéronautique fondé par Charles Clair


Airline pilot with more than 4,000 flight hours, Charles Clair is the president and sole shareholder of CLAIR GROUP, a French aeronautical group founded in 2004. A company manager with a passion for the customer experience, he has personally imagined and developed each of its subsidiaries, which today make CLAIR GROUP a fast-growing French aeronautical player.

Graduated in Law, Personnel Administration and speaking 4 languages, she has specialized her career in Human Resources in the aeronautical sector. Having worked for 12 years for various players at Le Bourget airport, she joined CLAIR GROUP in March 2019 when it was established at Europe’s leading business airport.

After 20 years spent in the Financial Department of two multinational groups in France and abroad, and with a solid experience as an business owner in SMEs, he joined CLAIR GROUP in 2014. A multi-skilled professional, recognized as a specialist in project management, M&A, financing research, auditing and management control, he has been accompanying the group since then in its continuous strong structural and economic growth.

After his participation in the start-up of an American subsidiary on the French market, and 15 years of practice in one of the biggest French automotive groups, he joined CLAIR GROUP in 2018 to bring his expertise in accounting, taxation and management control. Passionate about his job, he has also worked as a volunteer in associations and took a Master’s degree in “Project and Business Management” in 2013 at the CNAM.

After being graduated in aeronautical engineering in Canada in 2009, he comes back to France and starts his career in private aviation. Passionated about aeronautics, he spends 10 years in a major airline company where he specializes himself in compliance and safety management. He joined Clair Group as a compliance manager in 2022.

After a double degree in digital marketing and data analytics at the Pôle Léonard de Vinci and an early career in communication in large French groups, she joined Clair Group as a marketing manager. Passionate about new technologies and speaking 4 languages, she brings a dynamic vision within the Group.

With 15 years experience in IT, including 5 years as a part-time Information Systems Director (ISD) for a national ESN, he has developed his technical, managerial and human skills in a multitude of sectors with specific legal and budgetary constraints (luxury real estate, notary offices, industries, associations, sports federations, etc.). With customer satisfaction (internal and external) as his leitmotiv, he joined the group in 2023 to bring his strategic vision and commitment to technological innovation.