Astonfly, école de formation pour piloteAstonfly, école de formation pour pilote, filiale de Clair Group
Astonfly est l'école de formation pour pilotes du groupe aéronautique Clair GroupAstonfly, école de formation pour pilote, filiale de Clair Group


Airplane flight school initially named “AIR & COMPAGNIE” and based at Toussus-le-Noble, ASTONFLY was founded in 2004 by Charles Clair. The school proposes training for the professional pilot’s license (ATPL) and the private pilot’s license (PPL). With 150 airline pilots trained each year, ASTONFLY is the first private flying school in France.

The ASTONFLY training center is organized in a 7500 sqm campus with hangars, an aircraft parking, an operations department, classrooms, simulators and a lounge. Students are assisted in getting settled: housing, financing, and sport activities. The campus is open 7 days a week and can accommodate more than 300 students at any given time.

ASTONFLY has a fleet of 40 single and twin engine aircrafts: Diamond DA42, Cirrus SR22 and Cessna 172SP.