Offre d'emploi au sein du terminal Astonsky : agent de piste ou responsable piste


The Ramp Department

The ramp department within the ASTONSKY terminal includes the positions of Ramp Agent and Ramp Manager, with essential functions to the airport activity.

Under the instructions of the ramp manager, the ramp agent is responsible for the operation of the department which goals remain safety and customer satisfaction. The main contacts are the customers and the pilots. The key words for these positions are: good relational skills, reactivity, organization and anticipation. Within the terminal, the ramp department aims to:

  • Guide aircraft on arrival and departure,
  • Load and unload luggage,
  • Secure aircrafts,
  • Provide services to aircrafts (drinking water, lavatory servicing…),
  • Aircraft towing (inter parking or hangar).

Profile and skills

In order to join the Ramp Department as a Ramp Agent or a Ramp Manager, it is essential to demonstrate:

  • Rigor and high precision (handling of multi-million euro aircraft),
  • Reactivity and dynamism, always with the objective of customer satisfaction,
  • Initiative, organization and anticipation of the tasks to be carried out,
  • Strong inclination towards safety and responsibility,
  • Ability to work in a team,
  • Resilience when working under harsh weather conditions, day and night.

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