On Wednesday 25 May, Charles Clair was awarded with the Label ProTarmac Essential 2022, on behalf of the airline Astonjet. The ProTarmac Label is a European certification of the ethical, social and environmental performance of professionals in the aeronautical industry and airport infrastructures.

On the basis of the information transmitted and checked by Estrads, Astonjet meets all the human, environmental and legal criteria that make Astonjet, a CLAIR GROUP airline, a company with outstanding values and ethical responsibility.

This label certifies that Astonjet is an exemplary structure whose commercial activities and relations with its stakeholders voluntarily integrate social and environmental concerns relating to corporate social responsibility.
ASTONJET respects the recommendations essential to an ethical company.

The ProTarmac Label is the only one to cover such a wide scope, taking into account all aspects of sustainable development, as well as business ethics within the aeronautical industry.
The study of more than 500 criteria of the ProTarmac Label has enabled Astonjet to evaluate its level of performance and to indicate the elements of progress in its continuous improvement process.


After the Astonfly flight school, we are pleased to highlight once again our environmental, social and ethical concerns with this new label awarded to our airline Astonjet.

Charles Clair, President and founder