After the statements made by the Minister of Transport and a Member of Parliament about business aviation – one calling for it to be regulated, the other for it to be banned – which were repeated by many media without verification or a microphone being held out to professionals and users, GIFAS (French Aeronautics and Space Industries Group) has come up with a factual response.

In a press release, GIFAS – which has more than 400 members – states that “aviation as a whole represents 2% of global CO2 emissions. Business aviation accounts for 10% of traffic and 2% of these emissions, i.e. 0.04% of global CO2 emissions.

Business aviation in France accounts for 2.6% of world traffic, and therefore 0.001% of global CO2 emissions. Large private business aircraft (Falcon type) in France account for 0.00025% of global CO2 emissions.
At European level, business aviation represents 0.006% of global CO2 emissions.

Business aviation, whose flagships in France are Dassault Aviation, Daher and a number of general aviation manufacturers, is a working tool for companies, which are its main users: 80% of flights operated in France are for business purposes; the remaining 20% are divided between government, health and private flights.

Business aviation is a safe and fast means of transport, complementary to others, allowing the economic development of territories, through a large network of airfields.

In addition, many Falcon (Dassault Aviation) and TBM (Daher) aircraft are modified to carry out medical evacuation, special transport, training, flight tests, aerial photography, maritime surveillance and military intelligence missions…

Finally, business aviation, like general aviation, contributes to the fight against global warming through the research programmes of CORAC (Council for Civil Aeronautics Research) to achieve a low-carbon aviation, and takes its full part in it, with the support of the State.

In the short term, this positive development is continuing with the use of Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF). For example, all Falcon and #TBM can already use a mixture of 50% SAF and 50% paraffin; studies are underway to validate the transition to 100% SAF fuel.


Read the GIFAS press release here

Astonjet, the French airline based at Paris-Le Bourget, member of Clair Group, has added a Dassault Falcon 7X to its fleet of business jets. This very long-haul aircraft is registered F-HCTV and is the first Falcon to join the Astonjet fleet of all-distance jets.
The world at your wingtips
The 7X is the pride of the Dassault Falcon business jet family. A three-engine very long-range jet, it can fly 11,000 km to link Paris to Singapore, Rio or Los Angeles with no stopovers.
Thanks to its spacious interior and a 1.88m cabin height, the 7X can comfortably carry up to 14 passengers and their luggage. With the latest generation equipment, its horizontal stabilizers provide a smooth and tranquil flight environment while reducing the impact of possible turbulence. In addition, the wingtips ensure lower fuel consumption.

The first Astonjet 7X will be configured with two four-passenger club sections and a lounge cum bedroom with two sofas. The new interior design will have the latest generation fittings for passengers and a new exterior livery in the Astonjet colours.

Soon to be based at the Astonsky terminal at Paris-Le Bourget airport, the aircraft will be available for leasing for charter flights as of May 2022.

Astonjet spreads its wings

The opening up of the Falcon sector allows Astonjet to cover the whole world with its own fleet and confirms the Clair Group’s progress in all its key areas in aviation. The French group was founded in 2004 by Charles Clair and is enjoying constant growth in its aviation operations, airport assistance and training. The two business aviation operators Astonjet and Astonsky were selected both for the complementary nature of their activities and their high level of expertise. Astonjet will be the aircraft operator, while Astonsky will provide storage and assistance.

The arrival of this Falcon 7X in the Astonjet fleet is the 400th transaction undertaken by its partner Boutsen Aviation, a major player in aircraft acquisition.
“This sale is the result of a fruitful collaboration with the business jet operator Astonjet & European FBO leader Astonsky, both known for their high level of service. said Dominique Trinquet, President of Boutsen Aviation

“We’re honoured by this mark of confidence and glad to inaugurate a new flight sector with this magnificent Falcon 7X. This underlines the quality of our services and the meticulous attention that we bring both to our aviation operations and our aircraft management.“ said Charles Clair, President of Clair Group.

Clair Group lance son site de recrutement dédié aux métiers de l'aéronautique (pilote, instructeur, agent de piste...)

French aeronautical actor, rated by Les Echos and Statista, Clair Group unveils its recruitment website this month, dedicated to aviation jobs. In constant growth for more than 10 years, this launch supports the group in the development of its different subsidiaries (ASTONFLY, flight training center; ASTONJET, private jet airline; ASTONSKY, airport terminal; ASTONTEC, aircraft  maintenance center).


For employees in the aeronautics sector, this recruitment platform offers the opportunity to join one of the group’s companies. Including support functions (accounting, human resources, IT, marketing, etc.) to operational jobs (ramp agent, station agent, valet, etc.), all the professions present on this new platform are available online, with application or according to available offers.
Patrick Milward nommé directeur général de l'école de pilotage Astonfly

It is with great pleasure that we are announcing the nomination of Patrick Milward to the position of General Manager for Astonfly as of today.

For his new tasks in our pilot training center, he will be helped by his personality, his passion for aeronautics but also, known to all, his abilities for quality customer relationship.

Our full team whishes him success in his tasks.

Clair Group, groupe aéronautique français, est classé leader de la croissance par Les Echos

CLAIR GROUP is ranked first French company in the aeronautical, naval and space sector for the year 2020, by Les Echos and the Financial Times newspapers  and Statista.

CLAIR GROUP achieves a record of +257.4% turnover increase over 4 years, thanks to its subsidiaries ASTONFLY, pilot training center, ASTONJET, private jet airline, ASTONSKY, airport terminal and ASTONTEC, maintenance center.

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Astonsky inaugure son terminal aéroportuaire de luxe au Bourget

With the acquisition of one of the 7 airport terminals at Le Bourget airport, ASTONSKY has taken a big step forward in the development of its activity this year. On October 17, after several months of work, ASTONSKY invited its handpicked guests to discover its new FBO, based on a new concept, inspired by a palace hotel quality of service.



During this special evening, Charles Clair unveiled the different spaces of the luxury terminal, for which he imagined the smallest details: lounge with a panoramic view of the ramp, basement wine cellar with glass ceiling, valet service and many other luxury services.

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